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A woman has expressed her frustration after revealing she’d spent hundreds on Christmas gifts for her boyfriend, only to discover he wasn’t getting anything for her

It’s officially that time of year, when the drinks are flowing, the pigs in blankets are endless and our bank accounts are looking a little bit worse for wear.

But, most of us would all agree it’s worth it when you’re sitting around the tree swapping presents and sipping on Champagne with loved ones.

In fact, many people would argue that there’s more pleasure in giving gifts than receiving them, but that’s not necessarily the case if you’re just giving and not receiving at all.

Sadly, that’s the exact situation one woman has found herself in, after shelling out hundreds of pounds on Christmas presents for her boyfriend, only to discover he’s not getting her anything at all.

The woman and her partner have been dating for almost a year, but this is the first Christmas they’ll be spending as a couple, so of course, she wanted to go out and spoil him to show how much he means to her.

“Today I brought up that I couldn’t wait for Christmas and I was wondering what my parents were going to get me,” she explained on a Reddit thread, before adding that her boyfriend then launched into a rant about how he doesn’t agree with buying presents for others.

Gobsmacked by what her boyfriend had just told her, she asked: “So, you’re not getting me anything?” To which he responded: “Nah.”

He went on to tell her that he’s never bought gifts for anything, so there’s no reason why she should be any different.

“We spoke for a long while about why and such, but it’s not important as in the end he still isn’t going to give me anything. I feel as if I’m obviously not too important to him if he hasn’t gone out of his way to get me even a tiny gift, ” the woman added.

“I made it clear I do like giving and receiving presents, and I told him I’d already bought his, so he said he’d take his then. I think it’s a little selfish he’s going to accept his present without giving me anything.”

The woman was then met with mixed responses from other Reddit users, with some suggesting she should change her mind about giving her boyfriend his gifts.

“I’d return his gifts and buy yourself something. If he isn’t buying you a gift, you should buy your own,” one suggested.

However, another disagreed: “No. This is petty. You need to realise that Christmas is not about an equal exchange but giving.”