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Hailey Forbes has gone viral online after sharing a hilarious clip of her cat hiding between the branches of her Christmas tree, as she said the moggy has broken several baubles in his attempts to climb inside

Christmas decorations and pets don’t often mix, with cats and dogs both likely to knock ornaments over or get tangled in tinsel.

But one cat has found himself a new home inside his owner’s Christmas tree, as he clambered between the branches to find a place to sleep.

Hailey Forbes, 27, filmed her three-year-old cat Dexter climbing into the Christmas tree at her home in Glasgow, Scotland.

And as she got closer with her camera, the moggy even flashed her a very charming wink.

Hailey, a technician, said: “I have had my cat since he was about 15 weeks old.

“He climbs up the tree every single night. He has broken the tree branches by sitting on them and has also smashed many baubles.

“Dexter has a brother of the same age called Arlo, he’s the angelic one and never goes near the tree.

“My friends and family found the videos very funny and cute, I also heard a few told you so’s.”

Hailey shared Dexter’s antics on TikTok, where she posts under the username @haileyforbes94 and people can’t get enough of the adorable feline.

One person commented: “He’s definitely hatching a diabolical plan to destroy the tree.”

As someone else said: “That wink was everything!”

While another wrote: “He’s part of the decorations now.”

Dexter isn’t the only cat who has found himself a new home at Christmas though, as last year saw Sarah Nelson McGuiness panic when she thought she’d lost her 13-week-old kitten Moon – only to find her nestled in the branches of her tree.

Sarah, 40, couldn’t find her pet for ages, but after staring at the tree for a long time, she finally saw two eyes spying on her.

The full-time carer from Liverpool decided to take a picture of the tree and shared it on social media to see if other people spot her hidden British short hair cat – and it subsequently drove some of her pals “mad” as they tried and failed to find Moon.

Sarah said of the photo: “One day, I was looking for Moon and she was nowhere to be found.

“I checked the tree and couldn’t see her at first as I have white deers and fox teddies on it. She probably wants to be a part of their gang!

“It is also a white frosted tree which doesn’t help as she is white.

“Eventually, I saw two little eyes spying on me.”

And much like Dexter, Sarah said Moon is a little terror when it comes to Christmas.

She added: “If she isn’t stealing the baubles to play with – she is up the tree. She’s fell asleep in it a few times.

“I think she likes being in the tree because she can see everyone but we can’t see her.”